1. For pizza your way, head to H & Pizza near Residences on the Avenue, where everyone is raving about the tasty, fresh pies! At H & Pizza, you get the chance to design your perfect pizza. Start by selecting your dough (wheat, regular or multigrain), choose your cheese (such as home made mozzarella and asiago), and finally choose as many toppings as you like. As you place your order, your pizza is crafted before your very eyes, and then is placed on a conveyor that takes it through the oven — all while you watch! After the pie bakes, you can choose to finish it off with infused olive oil, fresh herbs, or even chopped olives. Plus, you get all that for just $9! Even better, the pizzas are a nice size — more than enough for one hungry person, or big enough to share with someone (if you can agree on what to get!).

    H & Pizza
    1118 H St NE (between N 11th St & N 12th St)
    Washington, DC 20002
    Neighborhood: H Street Corridor/Atlas District/Near Northeast
    (202) 733-1285


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  3. Get a glimpse into history at the Washington, D.C.'s Daughters of the American Revolution Museum. Here, you'll find a wealth of information thanks to exhibits such as manuscripts and historic currencies to period fashions and military regalia. When you see these items first-hand, you can't help but be moved, and you'll surely leave with a better understanding of the history of our great nation. Plus, several of the exhibits showcase personal effects of those who lived through some of the most tumultuous time periods of American history. Also, the DAR Museum regularly hosts events, such as lectures, concerts, operas, and more. For an enjoyable and informative day out from Residences on the Avenue, head to the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in D.C.

    Daughters of the American Revolution Museum
    1776 D Street NW
    Washington, DC 20006
    (202) 628-1776


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  5. Food trucks are a dime a dozen these days, but Cheesequake is one of the special ones. This D.C. truck has made a name for itself serving up classic Philadelphia-style cheesesteaks. Stop by this truck, which is never far from Residences on the Avenue, to enjoy sandwiches with great names like Tyson and Sugar Ray — so you know you’re in for a knock out punch of flavor. Cheesequake is known for serving up perfectly cooked steak, delicious melted cheese, on soft, bakery fresh buns, and for just a few dollars more, you can add an order of fries to make it a full meal. If you prefer, there's also chicken cheesesteak for those who dislike red meat, and there are a ton of great toppings so you can personalize your sandwich. Check out Cheesequake's Twitter page to see a list of locations where you can pick up a tasty cheesesteak.

    Washington, DC 20001


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  7. Take flight at Washington D.C.'s National Air and Space Museum, not too far from Residences on the Avenue. Here, you'll find the original aircrafts and artifacts that led directly to the flying machines of today. Here, you can explore the history of space travel, and see Fifty Years of Human Spaceflight, which showcases how the dream of space travel became a reality. There's also a great exhibit about commercial aviation which highlights how these commonplace modes of travel were once something rare and spectacular. If you like hands-on history, this place is for you, since visitors get to see firsthand the sheer human genius that went into making flight possible.

    National Air and Space Museum
    Independence Avenue and 6th Street SW
    Washington, DC 20560
    (202) 633-1000


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  9. Black and Orange is the place to go near Residences on the Avenue for a great tasting, no-frills hamburger. Here, the burgers are sizable, and come in quarter and half pound portions, with a number of amazing mix-ins and toppings that are sure to please! Choose the garlic, sun dried tomato, and basil Ciao Down Burger, or go for the black truffle, oil, and thyme concoction called Pardon My French. All the burgers are amazingly delicious, and quirkily named. Yes, these burgers are a little pricier than your standard fast food fare, but they're well worth it, and taste phenomenal. Each burger is hand crafted, and prepared with bold flavors and gourmet toppings, meant to please diners. Plus, Black and Orange is open late to accommodate late night cravings, perfect for a midnight snack after the bar, or as a quick dinner option for those on the go.

    Black and Orange
    1300 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 296-2242

    wpid 3345

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  11. D.C.'s Lillies Restaurant and Bar greets diners with a gorgeous interior that is reminiscent of a charming café in a Mediterranean hamlet, and this sophistication carries over into Lillies’ menu. The cuisine here looks as good as it tastes, and the chef uses only the best,  freshest ingredients in all of the tasty dishes. Most of the fare is Italian-inspired, and both the lunch and dinner menus are full of tasty plates. Of course, you can expect a variety of toothsome pasta dishes, and there is also a great selection of salads. As for starters, you can enjoy everything from chicken wings to southwestern style egg rolls, complete with avocado and salsa. Diners also enjoy the classic fried mozzarella and bruschetta, and the main dishes are just as tasty. Panko-crusted tilapia, grilled New York strip steak, and lobster stuffed ravioli in garlic red pepper sauces are just a few that patrons love. Just steps away from the Woodley Park zoo, Lillies is fantastic place to grab a meal not far from Residences on the Avenue.

    Lillies Restaurant and Bar
    2915 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20008
    (202) 450-4824

    wpid 4646

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  13. At the Philips Collection in D.C., you can browse famous works of art, like Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party". Inside this modest size museum, you'll find just under 3,000 works by the likes of Van Gogh, Picasso, Homer, O’Keefe, and Rothko, as well as many others. The museum was founded back in 1921 by Duncan Phillips, and it was the first modern art museum in the country at the time. For a truly enjoyable experience, visit during one of the Phillips After Five events, held on the first Thursday of each month to enjoy live music, lectures, and a cash bar. It is a great way to experience the museum, and makes for a fabulous night out from Residences on the Avenue. For all the popular events, reservations are recommended, as they can get crowded. Museum admission is a deal at $12 for adults, and free for kids under 18.

    The Philips Collection
    1600 21st Street NW
    Dupont Circle Metro Station
    Washington, DC 20009

    wpid 636

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  15. At Mourayo near Residences on the Avenue, you’ll find a lot more than the standard Mediterranean cuisine of kebabs and spanikopita. This eatery serves up Greek fare that highlights the bounty of the Aegean islands with a modern twist. Step inside to its sleek, contemporary interior, and see what has people talking! Diners love the grilled octopus with fava bean puree, the pork loin medallions with figs and almonds, and the scallops with eggplant and pistachio pesto. Plus, there's also a robust menu of Greek wines, which will provide you with plenty of options for authentic libations to pair with your food. If you can, try to save room for Mourayo's Pirasmos dessert sampler, and a cup of classic, rich Greek coffee. At Mourayo, you can enjoy reasonable prices, friendly, efficient service, and a relaxed atmosphere!

    1732 -1734 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 667-2100
    wpid 4384
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  17. It's worth the cost of admission just to see Renoir's painting “Luncheon of the Boating Party”. The Phillips Collection, near Residences on the Avenue, is a manageable size, making it friendly, familiar, and easy to navigate. Here, you can enjoy just under 3,000 works by masters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Homer, O’Keefe, and Rothko, among other well-known names. The collection was started by Duncan Phillips in 1921, and it was the first modern art museum in the country! For a real treat, stop by during one of the After Five events, held on the first Thursday of each month, to enjoy live music, stimulating lectures, and a cash bar — it's a fun, enjoyable, and educational way to experience the museum in a new light! If you'd like to partake in an After Five event, reservations are suggested, as they tend to get very crowded. Even better, admission is a bargain at $12 for adults, and free for kids under 18.

    The Philips Collection
    1600 21st Street NW
    (between N. Q Street & N. Hillyer Court) 
    Dupont Circle Metro Station
    Washington, DC 20009
    Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

    wpid 636

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  19. Medium Rare: Fine Cuts

    There are many D.C. area eateries that claim to offer authentic "home cooking," but a meal at Medium Rare near Residences on the Avenue is about as close as you can get to the real deal. At the helm of this restaurant you'll find owner Mark Bucher, of BGR: The Burger Joint, and he started Medium Rare with a beautifully simple concept — simple, comfort food done right. To give you a sense of the menu, his signature dish is thinly sliced cap steak topped with light brown gravy atop a bed of golden fries — and that’s all. The food here is not only delicious, but also reasonably priced — for $19.50 you get a bread basket, a fresh, green salad, and the option of substituting a large grilled Portobello mushroom with red pepper sauce as your main course, but there are no soups, no appetizers, no specials, no fuss. Plus, Bucher encourages diners to request second and third helpings, if they'd like more, and they’re included in the price! If you have room after your second serving, peruse the dessert list — all choices are just $8 each — and it will likely be the toughest choice you’ll have all night. To round out the meal, there is a also a small, but well-rounded wine list, and all bottles pair remarkably well with the menu. 

    Medium Rare
    3500 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Cleveland Park Metro Station
    Washington, DC 20008
    (202) 237-1432

    wpid 2946

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